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Evaluating Instagram's Effectiveness

by Andrea Schreiber

published on 2017-06-13 08:13:00

How Is Instagram Doing?

Advertising on social media platform Instagram has been around about 18 months now—long enough to start talking about best practices. Chief among these is to take advantage of Instagram’s visual essence. Instagram's ad platform is linked to parent Facebook which means advertisers can take advantage of the unparalleled targeting and reporting strengths simply by leaving a box checked; ads ordered on Facebook automatically appear on Instagram, too, unless opted out. However, creative unique to Instagram generally outperforms campaigns running the same messaging on both platforms because the audience makeup and intent is different. Compared to Facebook, Instagram’s audience is younger and more female, and while Facebook’s primary appeal is to connect family and friends, Instagram is more about following interest areas and visual inspiration, whether it’s a favorite celebrity or DIY tips. Ben & Jerry’s, for example, posts articles and listicles on Facebook while Instagram is more about “ice cream porn.”

Success With Instagram

The jury’s still out on Instagram’s effectiveness as a direct response medium as users tend not to leave the app to visit advertiser sites. Instagram is still experimenting with CTA buttons and ad performance is increasing but branding and engagement appear to be Instagram strengths for now. Still, marketers finding success on the platform have doubled Instagram ad revenues year-over-year which are forecasted to double again next year, too.

Goals And Optimization

As with any ad campaign, establishing specific goals and optimizing performance accordingly is critical.’s measurement-focused Client Strategy team can help you identify and achieve your objectives. Our social media advertising arm, ReachLocal, is a recognized global leader in digital marketing. For more insight into Instagram advertising, check out this report from eMarketer and then give us a call at 313-222-2775 or click here to maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

Posted by Andrea Schreiber, Sr. Client Strategy Manager,