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Meet Your Target Customer- Emily Moore

by Emily Moore

published on 2017-11-30 09:23:00

Hello real estate and residential building professionals!

I am your target customer- Emily Moore. I am married and am part of the 33% of millennials who bought their house based on having a backyard for my dogs. I grew up in the suburbs on the east side of Detroit and have always had a love for my city. After college, I moved to Tallahassee for a job in advertising sales and ended up meeting the man I married in 2016. I knew I didn’t want to put down roots in the South, but wasn’t ready to admit I wanted to move back home to Michigan so we picked up and moved to DC.

It took us living in Washington DC for the summer to realize Detroit is where we belong; and so, we began our search for the perfect house. We were online daily looking at new listings and asking our family members to look as well. We came up for a weekend and started the hunt. We used a realtor that was referred to us by my mom. He rushed us through the houses that I had selected to look at and offered no customer service what so ever. We were done by noon, called a realtor friend of my dad’s and ran to his office hoping he could help.

It was a complete 180. He sat down with us in his office, asked our budget, likes and dislikes, and set up home tours for that same day and drove us to all of them. He understood we were on a time crunch and had only one day to see as many houses as we could. He offered to keep showing homes to my parents while we were still in DC so we would be prepared to decide once we were officially Detroiters again.

He found the perfect house and we made an offer sight unseen and as luck has it, our offered was accepted and the house is amazing.

I have always identified as a Detroiter no matter where I lived and have enjoyed getting a chance to fall in love all over again with the city.

I know my story is similar to many others and that’s why I believe I am a great resource to my clients and future clients as YOUR Real Estate Account Executive with With the backing of I’m confident I can provide the best insight and tools to help grow your business. 

Please email me at or call 248.308.8346. I look forward to hearing from you!