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Marketing Challenges for Secondary Education

by Ingrid Swan

published on 2016-12-19 13:05:00

Colleges and universities face an uncertain market that includes higher costs, lower graduation rates, the still evolving role of technology and skepticism about the value of a college degree in the job market. At the center of all of these issues is the changing nature of the student body which includes not just traditional post-secondary students but also international and non-traditional students—lifelong learning participants and employees seeking professional development opportunities.

Prospecting among all of these student groups and engaging them will be at the forefront of achieving and maintaining enrollment numbers. Looking to build learning options outside the classroom for career advancement, hybrid learning and certification opportunities all lead to more activation and enrollment. As an example, the University of Michigan has recently launched a portal to promote and facilitate such options. Take a look here.

Many colleges are looking to centralize marketing efforts for student growth, awareness and engagement by optimizing technology tactics to encompass messaging across schools, disciplines and multiple audiences. Utilizing technology is key to building databases, creating social communities, educational platforms and communicate offerings across all platforms for unity and awareness. Technology can also track and analyze behavior for better optimization, more opportunities and growth. can support the marketing programs of colleges and universities by providing comprehensive strategic solutions targeted to specific audiences that focus on results. To learn more, contact us online or call 313-223-3203.

Submitted by Ingrid Swan, Client Strategy Manager, Advertising