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Want Successful Automotive Content Marketing? Don't Even Think About The Hard Sell.

by Joseph Murphy

published on 2016-11-22 10:26:00

Seriously, though, if you are committed to including content marketing in your marketing mix, you should avoid a hard sell message.

Why? Content marketing campaigns that provide informative, engaging content significantly outperform stories that are thinly disguised advertorials which often do more harm than good.

In fact, results from a recent study by Kentico Software show that, “74 percent of the general public trusts educational content from businesses on a particular topic, but even signing off an otherwise objective blog post or newsletter with a product pitch will bring the content’s credibility level down by 29 percent.”

As seen in the video below, approaching a serious topic in an engaging format gives dealers an opportunity to align with an important audience without pushing product.

Now the real question is, “what does engaging and insightful content marketing look like?” Good story telling matters and it’s not just articles. Infographics, interactive quizzes, photo galleries and video take advantage of the unique opportunities with digital marketing to provide information in a variety of ways to satisfy a range of viewing preferences. Think about providing how-to guides, video reviews, vehicle comparisons or commentary on hot industry topics. Plus, like all good digital solutions, content marketing executions are trackable and measurable.

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Submitted by Joseph Murphy, Client Strategy Manager, Advertising