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Exploring comScore's Cross Platform Report

by Blair Munro

published on 2017-05-04 06:08:00

comScore has released is Cross Platform Future in Focus report, and the results are eye opening. 

Consumers’ habits are changing the status quo on how technology is consumed: they are using mobile more, and watching TV less (many even cutting the cord with their cable company all together). The report also dives into brand lift for desktop and mobile ads—with (you guessed it) mobile ads out pacing desktop for all metrics. Check out the report here!

Some key insights:

  • The average American spends nearly 3 hours A DAY on their mobile device—in total, Americans are on their mobile devices one trillion minutes a year 
  • 60% of time spent online is through mobile apps 
  • College age women are most likely to be mobile only users 
  • Among social networks, SnapChat’s users are the youngest, with HALF being between 18-34 
  • More than 70% of time spent on YouTube is via a mobile device
Submitted by Blair Munro, Client Strategy Manager, Advertising