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Our High-Impact Ad Portfolio

by Unknown

published on 2017-10-31 07:39:00

Impact is everything

The high-impact digital portfolio offers powerful online advertising options that engage, involve and motivate customers with rich-media features like audio and video, animated elements and interactive live links. These ads generate more clicks, drive more branded searches, draw more viewer interaction and create higher response rates than other online formats. That’s high impact!

Our engaged audience

Having the largest, most engaged audience to see, hear and interact with your high-impact message is critical to a campaign’s success. has the trusted local network of online properties to help you reach your target customer.

  • 8.5 million unique visitors 
  • 160 million page views 
  • 25.3 average minutes per visitor (more than double our nearest local competitor) 
Powerful choices

High-impact ads are available in a variety of sizes and placement options:

  • Gravity ads: When the home page loads, Gravity takes over to draw viewers into an immersive, cinematic experience. Video sells your story with sight, sound and motion for maximum results. It all adds up to a powerful presentation that demands interaction.  

  • Interactive takeover ads: Your message takes over the screen, avoiding clutter and competing messages to capture the consumer’s attention. Elements can include audio, video and product showcases. A leave-behind keeps you on the viewer’s mind.

  • Pushdown ads: Pushdowns put your message on top by expanding downward to take center stage. Elements like video, audio and live links drive direct action, while a post-viewing leave-behind keeps your company top of mind.

  • Transitional ads: Transitional ads grab consumer attention when they’re most engaged, requiring viewers to interact with your message. Media-rich features increase consumer involvement with your brand. You can even present in a photo gallery format that functions like a direct mail catalog for far less.

  • Hero flip: Your message is revealed when the home page (or section front) headlines flip open, leaving your brand front and center on the page and prime for interaction. After the reveal, a leave-behind continues to drive interaction.

The right partner can help you find your audience, craft your message and develop compelling high-impact creative that engages your target audience and moves them to action. To learn more about the many ways we can help you grow your business, click here or call 313-222-2775.

Source: comScore, three-month average for properties for April, May, June 2016