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How To Avoid Designing By Committee

by James Naugle

published on 2017-07-25 06:28:00

Fine Line Between Collaboration And "Design By Committee" 

When working as a designer, it can seem frustrating when you have opinions flying at you from all directions about a project you're working on. However, especially in marketing and advertising, it is important to collaborate with others for the sake of creating something great for the client. There is a fine line between collaboration and "design by committee" that every designer must navigate through. Having the ability to include others in the design process without it becoming overbearing is an essential skill to learn. 

Collaborating As A Designer

Designating roles early on to know how long to keep certain members involved is an important part of that process. Eventually, you’ll need to whittle down your contributors because not everyone has to participate at every step of the way. Mastering this balance is crucial and will enable you to design collaboratively on any project.

The following guidelines for design collaboration are from UXPin, a collaborative design platform company but can be applied to every kind of designer in the field. See the top three steps to take: 

  1. What roles and boundaries you need to set.
  2. Whose feedback is needed and when?
  3. Treat feedback as dialogue.
To dive deeper into the details of design collaboration, check out the UX article link on collaboration here Design Support

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Submitted By: James Naugle, Multi-Media Designer,