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Auto Dealers Should Consider Aligning Marketing Dollars Around Auto OEM Sales Events

by Joseph Murphy

published on 2017-03-20 08:30:00

While it may seem apparent, it’s important to discuss the magnitude of marketing dollars that Automotive OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) allocate towards traditional and digital advertising spending, specifically during seasonal events.

Per Advertising Age’s 2015 annual list of the 200 leading national advertisers, the Big 3 (GM, Ford, and FCA) were all in the Top 10 spending tier with a combined total ad spend of more than $8 BB.

All auto advertisers, particularly automotive dealers, should pay close attention to OEM ad spending because it’s an easy way to receive an added value lift by piggy backing off nationally syndicated advertisement; especially as dealerships are finding themselves having to be more strategic with their ad dollars.

And if you’re wondering about the type of lift seen from Auto OEM advertisement, according to, auto brands with commercials during the Super Bowl saw an average 7 percent lift to their brand pages on and a 238 percent lift to pages of specific models on advertised during the game.

Additionally,’s data strategy manager David Green was quoted saying, “in the eight minutes following their commercial, visits to Alfa Romeo pages on saw a staggering 1,179 percent increase in comparison to the same time-period prior to the airing of their spot, a sign that their Big Game ad was highly impactful.” is here to help. To learn more about how you can strategically align your advertising dollars with OEM sales events, click here or call 313-222-2775.